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House envy

Posted by Beth on August 7, 2009

Living in New York City, you don’t see too many houses on a daily basis. Sure, they exist, but generally out in the far reaches of Queens, and certain Brooklyn neighborhoods that I rarely visit. So, every time I do see an actual frame house, it’s always a little bit of a shock. That’s why I was so floored when I made the trek to Governor’s Island this past weekend. The island, a former base for the Coast Guard and the Army, was abandoned in 1996 but reopened to the public a few years ago. (It’s just a short ferry ride from Manhattan and Brooklyn on the weekends.) The homes originally built for the officers—many of them Victorian style with sweeping front porches—were amazing. Here are some photos I took:

There’s a variety of art exhibits being hosted in some of the homes, so we actually got an inside peek at some of the interiors. They’re full of beautiful period details—coffered ceilings, picture moldings, pocket doors—but most are in a state of disrepair. I was kind of bummed to see these wonderful old houses sitting empty, but apparently the island’s deed doesn’t allow permanent housing. With it’s quaint village feel and open green spaces, I would totally live here! What do you think should be done with Governor’s Island?


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