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Mad Men Style: Bert Cooper’s Office

Posted by Beth on September 8, 2009

Bert Cooper's Office

Bert Cooper's Office

In this week’s Mad Men episode, “The Arrangements,” we got to spend some time in Bert Cooper’s office. His is one of the few offices that really showcases his interests (unless you count Roger Sterling’s fully-stocked bar). Bert’s love of Asian art and culture is immediately apparent in the room—he even asks his employees to remove their shoes before entering. This eclectic mix could easily translate to a modern-day office, or even a living room. Here’s how you can get the look:

Mark Rothko's Number 12 painting

Mark Rothko's Number 12 painting

The focal point of the room is that much-debated Rothko Bert bought in the first season. To me, it looks similar to Number 12, 1951. Poster prints of this painting are available on a number of sites, including, where it’s under $20.

For a more realistic look, go for a print on canvas. Sites like, where this piece is currently on sale for $290, specialize in the process. Or if you’re more of DIYer, head to an art supply store, pick up a canvas and some paints, and take a stab at abstract expressionism. Just don’t try to pass it off as a Rothko.

Another decorative element that sets Bert’s office apart is that great textured grasscloth wallpaper. It has a woven look, almost like fabric, but it looks a whole lot classier than the fabric-covered walls of your typical cubicle.

Norwall Grasscloth Wallpaper from Lowe's

Norwall Grasscloth Wallpaper

Above: an affordable vinyl version available at some Lowe’s stores. Desert Sands 3 Collection, #HW26140. $38 for a 55 sq. ft. roll.

Dong Sung Trading Company Wallpaper

Dong Sung Trading Company Wallpaper

Here’s another option from York Wallcoverings—they don’t list prices on their site, but I promise to call my local Janovic tomorrow to see how much a roll of this would set you back. It’s from the Wild Orchid Collection, #RL6448. You can find a local retailer that carries it on their website,

And how gorgeous is that decorative painted Japanese screen? I bet Bert incurred some major shipping charges getting his souvenir home, but this version below, available at, costs just a little over $150 AND there’s free shipping. Two of my favorite words in the English language.

Japanese Brush Art Design Shoji Screen

Japanese Brush Art Design Shoji Screen

Also worth noting: the wonderful muted color scheme. I love the orange creamsicle-colored sofa accented with aqua button-tufted pillows. Similar throw pillows are available on in a variety of fabrics.


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